Scratchboard Art by Natalie Zimmerman
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About  The Artist
Natalie Zimmerman is a self-taught artist who lives in Austin, Texas and specializes in scratchboard art. Her love of art is contiguous with her devotion to science. Natalie disagrees with the popular narrative that views science and art as stemming from different areas of the brain. She sees in each discipline the same basic characteristics, attention to detail, independence and freedom of thought and a deep understanding of the medium of expression. Her influences range from Caravaggio to Charles Darwin, from Leonardo da Vinci to Frans De Waal. She is interested in evolutionary themes and in exploring the relationship humans have with the environment, with other species, and with each other.

Her background in the biological sciences, specifically her work in microbiology for which she holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Texas at Austin and her graduate studies in immunology have given her a love for detail that marries well with the medium of scratchboard. Natalie sees science as a very powerful tool of exploration because it forces us to question our most basic assumptions and art as the ultimate expression of our conscience that forces us to look beyond our everyday experiences.