Scratchboard Art by Natalie Zimmerman
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What is scratchboard?
Scratchboard is a type of engraving.  Scratchboard artists use a panel that consists of three layers: a masonite board for support, a thin layer of kaolin clay, and finally several layers of black india ink.  By using a variety of sharp tools and techniques, artists remove layers of ink to create an image.  Scratchboard art is known for its ability to show off  fine details such as the individual feathers of a common bluejay to the intricacies of Belgian lace.  Because each of the tiny marks are made by hand, a single piece can take anywhere from 10 to 80 hours or more depending on the size and complexity of piece.  For this reason, scratchboard is a very labor intensive medium.   Colored inks can also be added with highlights created by rescratching the surface.  

All of the scratchboard artwork on this site is made with Ampersand scratchboards.  Ampersand is the preferred brand of professional scratchboard artists because of their superior quality. Ampersand boards are archival and resistant to fading.  All original artwork sold on this site is also coated with an additional layer of UV resistant varnish for protection. 
Cross section of Scratchboard
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What is a Giclee Print?

A giclee print is a high resolution print done with the best ink jet technology available.   All giclee prints  of the artist's work are printed on fine art paper with a 1 inch border.  These prints are inspected and signed personally by the artist.  Limited edition prints are available of selected artwork. Edition sizes are 300 for 8 by 10 size, 250 for 11 by 14 size, 200 for 12 by 15 and12 by 16 sizes, 175 for 14 by 18 size, and 100 for 16 by 20 size. Limited edition prints are signed and numbered by the artist.